Near the end of 2022, although affected by the global economic movement, the whole of Vietnam, and all businesses, not just the T.E.C. Family.

At the beginning of 2023 to strengthen the spirit, restore faith and thank the employees for working with T.E.C to overcome the economic storm. T.E.C has organized a number of movements, events, and looked back at some outstanding activities in the first quarter of 2023.

  1. Organize an event to cook green banh chung – celebrate Tet together.



2. Welcome to the Lunar New Year 2023 – New Year's Meeting at T.E.C office


    3. Happy International Women's Day March 8

On the occasion of the 113th anniversary of International Women's Day, March 8, 2023, the Board of Directors sent commemorative gifts and best wishes to all employees working at T.E.C.

    4. Participate in the Sports Festival organized by VKG Group

Recently, on April 1, 2023, Van Khanh Group held a Table Tennis Festival to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The sports festival had the participation of 8 delegations, including athletes from VKG Group, branches of VK Phu Quoc, VK Da Nang, VK Hanoi, VK Nha Trang, and T.E.C member companies. ; TST; GS Vietnam.

T.E.C General Director – Mr Tran Trung Kien won the championship cup in the form of singles and doubles tournaments

5. Participating in the 20-year event of VKG Group 

General Director of T.E.C received a medal from Chairman of Van Khanh Group